The NEW Reversible Bean Throne

The bean beautifully mimics the shape of our saddle but with a natural inward curve to form the shape of a kidney bean.

This cuts away the normal support area between your thighs which some people find restrictive.

For many this shape will not only provide comfort and stability but also the much needed freedom to move their legs closer or wider apart. The shape also encourages a touch of forward lean which is great for players needing more power on their pedals.

The curve flows round naturally to form the inward bean shape

Another other awesome feature of this new shape is it’s ability to be reversed and used the opposite way around!

By using the reverse you experience the feel and full range of movement that you would on a round top but with a wider and more supportive seat area.

In our testing we found the reverse option to be an incredibly comfy and natural feeling position to play the drums.

We’re now in the process of finalising the cover pattern and experimenting with an added layer of memory foam for extra cushioning.

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