For me, the thrill of being personally involved in the development of a players signature sound is having the opportunity to play an instrumental part in the story of their ultimate success.

Matt Davies – Founder

How do we work?

Building you a drum is a collaborative effort and not simply fulfilling an order.

It starts with you; present us with a sonic and visual ideal and we bring to bear over 25 years of drum making and industry expertise.

Together we bring the idea from concept to reality.

What can we do?

Ben Thatcher Shell Signing

As a small ‘boutique’ company with no outside funding or investment, it’s honestly so hard to give away product for free.

Even if we’d LOVE to, unfortunately the material costs and operating overheads make artist endorsements very difficult to justify.

However, we really want to create as many opportunities as possible to be involved in helping great players, great people and great bands get off the ground.

For any artist agreement to take shape we look for players with a professional attitude, clear upward trajectory and a passion for their craft. Someone who will value the relationship as a whole and wants to use it to progress and develop their career whilst sharing our brand message.

In return, we’ll provide you with the finest hand made instrument possible. One which possesses the sonic capability you require, with the style it deserves.

This will either be for free or at a 25% subsidy depending on the arrangement.

The next step

If you can see yourself becoming a Morgan Davies artist and joining a group of talented musicians who’ve also chosen to play the highest quality hand made drums, please head over to the contact page and fill out an official artist request form.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Photo Credit: Behnaz Yo