Matt takes up drum tech duty with Royal Blood

We’re really happy to announce Matts’ new appointment as full time drum tech for Ben Thatcher of Royal Blood!

The incredible opportunity to further develop his expertise in new environments and stages world wide was one that couldn’t be turned down.

With Bens’ arsenal already including a couple of MD drums in it was the perfect association.

Matt’s been on stage at the UK’s biggest festivals this year and you’ll see him lurking side-of-stage at Royal Blood shows all across the world until the end of 2017. (Read more about Matts experience in Aug 2017 Rhythm Magazine)

Needless to say, this means that summer 2017 has been quiet for the business.

We also had to leave behind another workshop, sadly. Finding a great space at an affordable rate is nigh impossible in Brighton but hopefully something will show up soon.

14x8in Golden Olive Birch Shell on stage at Glastonbury 2017

We’re hoping to be able to restart production of drum thrones before christmas 2017 and be in a position to take bespoke snare orders going in to the new year.

Stay Tuned!