We produce a range of stunning, high quality drum products with a contemporary flair.

Whether you want something completely bespoke or one of our off-the-peg models, we know you’ll take great pride in the craftsmanship and character of our work.

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  • Utilising over 10 years of expertise, we tailor our drums to your own personal requirements


    Some will say, “a great musician can make any instrument sound good”. Whilst we’re inclined to agree, we don’t underestimate the importance of the bond between a musician and their equipment.

    After 10 years, we’ve had lots of experience helping customers to figure out exactly what they need from their drums. We explain clearly how all aspects of the design and materials will affect things like sound, playability and aesthetics.

    In doing this we’ll help you become better informed about your new instrument and better equipped to tackle new musical scenarios.

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Our own signature ply shells, by a master drum builder

In the beginning when our founder Matt started the business, he worked hard to really understand shell construction and spent much time studying the greats; Ludwig, Slingerland, Rogers, Premier et al.

A ply wood shell became his preferred choice, with its high constructional strength, broad tonal capacity and historic pedigree.

After many, many test builds the signature Morgan Davies ply shell was ready.

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The opportunity came up to work with Ben on a signature snare drum, we didn't quite expect what came next!

Ben Thatcher - Royal Blood

Royal Blood exploded in to the UK charts just after we hooked Ben up with his own signature snare drum. Armed with what he affectionately titled the 'Black Mamba', the band began to grace bigger and bigger stages. Our drum provided part of the huge backbeat which defined Royal Blood's infectiously rocking groove on their self titled debut album and we couldn't have been more proud to be involved!

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Model: Black Mamba

Model: Black Mamba

Original imagery used for a full page spread in Rhythm Magazine to coincide with Royal Blood's debut single 'Out Of The Black'

Model: The Cobra

Model: The Cobra

Ben decided to purchase a second snare from us and the result was this beautifully figured Movingui