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Matt Davies - Workshop 2002

Matt Davies – Founder

Morgan Davies Drums was founded by Matt Morgan Davies in 2007.

Matt spent his formative years producing drums from a modest workshop in Brighton. Around 2010 he then joined forces with friend and owner of drumsource.co.uk, Dan Chapman.

Together we wanted to commit to more adventurous projects and provide the drumming community nothing but the most awesome instruments and equipment.

We’ve since moved workshops twice, partnered with a Brit Award winning artist, added a new range of entry level hand-built snares and launched our own line of boutique drum thrones.

We’re always completely focused on delivering a product steeped in quality, precision and attention to detail.

Matt says,

“I hold no firm preconception of the drum you would like me to build, but only assume that you desire the highest quality workmanship and meticulous attention to detail”.

“Whether you have a defined ideal, a general concept or would like me to lead the design from start to finish, I ultimate responsibility is that you will possess the finest hand crafted tool available for the job you are required to do.”

“Myself, I hold a huge amount of fondness for the drums of the early-mid twentieth century. I have either played, owned or still own instruments of the great historical companies such as Ajax, Carlton, Gretsch, Leedy, Ludwig, Premier, Rogers, Sonor and Slingerland. And it is in particular the drums produced in the first forty or so years of that golden age from which I draw most inspiration.”

“There is something classy, yet utilitarian and unfussy about their design and poise that is an ubiquitous influence over my creative processes.”

Morgan Davies products have an eye-catching, yet clean classic aesthetic which originates from the effort to achieve the perfect blend of beauty and functionality with a nod to icons of the past.

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