One integral design aspect of a Morgan Davies drum has always been our crisp brushed stainless steel nameplate. A rectangle shape with etched and filled black enamel logo.

Alongside the recent introduction of our new OTP series drums we also added the new round badge design.


The ‘Coal Hole Cover’ badge was inspired by the intriguing designs that you can find around our home town of Brighton, UK.

The coal hole was used in 19th century town houses for easy access to the coal bunker from the street.

Matt hand sketched a design a few years ago and the image was digitised for use as an alternative logo.


19th century coal hole covers – click to learn more

We decided that it would serve as the perfect badge to identify our OTP series drums.

As standard, we back the stainless steel plate with a leather gasket before it’s bolted to the drum and in this case we use matching finish subtle dome head allen screws.

The badge is available to specify on any of our drums whilst also being the standard fitting for our OTP series drums and new thrones.