• A perfect blend of sensitivity, power and tuning range

    Ultimate versatility

  • Carefully chosen veneers, finished by a master drum builder

    Understated looks and style

  • Precision, care and experience in every drum

    Hand Built. Always.


Creating a drum for everyone

How OTP was developed

As a drummer, your snare is arguably the most expressive voice within your armoury.

Way back in summer 2014 we began planning to build a series of drum that gave drummers a little bit of everything.

Character, versatility, sensitivity and power. An all-rounder for the modern drummer. It would be a drum that satisfied the majority of gigging situations and give the player a broad palette of sounds to work with.

Our next objective was to make sure it cost a similar price to the flagship products of todays top brands.

Today, we’re proud to present the OTP Snare Drum.

‘Off The Peg’


  • 6mm Finnish Birch ply
  • 3mm reinforcement rings
  • Die cast hoops
  • Nickelworks throw off
  • Classic tube lugs

Birch as a constructional material is ideal for a drum of this nature.

Due to it’s density, strength and sonic versatility, more often than not it’s our first choice for snare drums.

Our master drum builder, Matt will be specially selecting unique assortments of veneer that will yield us small batches of limited production drums.

Although each snare features the same spec, lucky owners will end up with a very special hand signed shell including serial and batch number.

One drum - incredible potential


Whilst the same core specification is built in to every drum, YOU are what makes the difference.

OTP provides players a professional, hand built instrument with all the right ingredients needed to create, explore and inspire.

See how our drums made the difference for Royal Bloods, Ben Thatcher


details details details

...They matter to us, so they should matter to you.

Classic skinny tube lugs

A timeless look and low profile design allow the shell finish to stand out.

Die Cast Chrome Hoops

For the fullest, fattest and most versatile range.

Leather rod washers

A small touch with big significance to the smoothness of tuning and subtle aesthetics.

Nickelworks Throw Off

A gem from the Prem Modern Classic era of snares. Re-worked and re-released, it offers sturdiness and fine adjustment.

Reinforcement rings

Though some debate their significance, re-rings add the special something to improve the sound and strength of our shells.

Stainless Wires

Gibraltar deluxe stainless steel plate wires offer fizz and flavour.

Hand drawn and brought to life

New Round Badges

The crest that represents our new OTP series drum was influenced by the intriguing coal hole covers that you’ll find scattered around our home city of Brighton

Matt hand sketched the design which we brought to life digitally before finally having it re produced on a 0.7mm stainless steel nameplate with gloss black filling and its own leather gasket

Learn more about the badge


£399 - Click for info

Vintage Oak

Vintage Oak

Dark and rustic, textured oak with small abrasions that naturally occur in the figure.

Peruvian Olive

Peruvian Olive

Glorious golden olive wood with wispy bands of light and dark shades.

Red African Padauk

Red African Padauk

After oiling, the sandy orange Padauk turns a luxurious deep red that continues to age.