MD Saddle Top Drum Throne (Red Velvet Top)

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Red velvet top saddle with large round logo and black vinyl sides.

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Boutique custom drum thrones designed and built in the UK by Morgan Davies Drums.

Our professional custom stool tops are extra sturdy with first-class comfort and looks.

This chunky saddle top is built for drummers who enjoy a larger contoured seat for total stability.

Our standard foam core and firm topper which provides great support while remaining comfortable for longer periods at the kit.

The heavy foam core has minimal squishiness which promotes better posture and provides excellent support.

Edges are eased over to help reduce fatigue around the backs of your legs.

We use tough upholstery grade fabrics which are often tested to 40,000 rubs and more (Martindale abrasion tested).

The universal 4 point bracket with adjustable clamp attaches to all 3/4in seat posts.

The 4 point bracket is fitted to an extra thick 18mm birch ply base for superior strength. Fits any 3/4in seat post.

Professionally crafted with quality fabrics, Morgan Davies Drum Thrones combine support with comfort in a range of stunning designs.

Fits on all standard 3/4in seat posts.

Note: Hardware bases are sold separately

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Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 17 × 15 × 6 in