12 x 7in Black Walnut with Red Gold Burst Movingui

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A super eye-catching main or auxiliary snare. Perfect for funk or ska but also a versatile side snare which can hold a wide range of tunings.

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This fierce 12x7in shell has the ability to produce a piercing thunder clap or low, throaty bark.

The shell is constructed with Black Walnut to a 5mm thickness and a Movingui outer ply.

It’s brimming with tone so if you like it open, a single ply coated can absolutely sing. For the stock head we opted for more control and fitted a Remo Powerstroke 3. This helps you dial in on the pop but also retains a nice overtone.

Visually it’s a mixture of bling and burning intensity. The rising figure of Movingui flickers Gold in the centre and fades to a lush red-brown.

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12 x 7in


Skinny Full Length Tubes, Pearl Superhoop II 2.3mm Hoops, Nickelworks Strainer, Gibraltar Steel Wires, MD Leather washers, Classic Rectangle Badge


Remo Hazy Reso, Remo Powerstroke 3 Coated Batter