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Fresh Birch

Birch is one hell of a wood for building drums with. It’s crisp, beige appearance provides a neutral base to work around and its focused mid tones with high end attack are just perfect for a versatile snare drum. Today we received a nice 50kg top up of our favourite Finnish Birch ply, much of […]

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12x7in Soprano Snare

Fresh out of production is our second 12x7in Soprano Snare drum. It’s a fiery and musical little number. The depth adds versatility in it’s range and with the right heads and tuning you can get a super tight and funky crack, fresh R&B pop or low beefy ballad tone. Here’s some different tunings:   A […]

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The Matchless Delaware ’66 snare drum concept was ignited by my regular encounters with an old, weather beaten Ford Mustang that has been knocking around the North Laine area of Brighton for some time. It’s a relatively modest, small engined saloon model with faded and peeling paintwork, but to my eyes is very, very cool. […]

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