All shells are handmade individually to your required specifications.

DIAMETERS: 10″ – 22″

DEPTHS: 4″ – 18″ (A maximum depth of 8″ is generally the practical limit for snares).

SHELL THICKNESSES: 4.5mm (with re-rings) and thicker.


BEECH: Represents beautifully across the spectrum. Snares are loud and bright, toms sing and bass drums have a great blend of punch and low end.

BIRCH: A favourite for snares! It has an undeserved reputation amongst a large contingent of drummers as an inferior wood in comparison to maple etc when considered for drum construction. It actually has that perfect mix of bite and “clonk” and is wonderfully versatile when utilised in different thicknesses and depths. Recommended!

WALNUT: Has a similar sound quality to birch, with loads of crack and an added darkness to the tone. Mixes nicely as a Birch/Walnut hybrid shell.

MAHOGANY: If you want a warm, fat vintage tone with not too many highs this is the wood for you. Works very well constructed as a thin shell for loads of bottom end.

MAPLE: The great all-rounder. Works fantastically well thick or thin, shallow or deep. The industry standard for years due to the even representation of high, mid and low frequencies.






Edges are cut and finished with your desired sonic requirements in mind.

A SHARP edge on the batter side will produce a bright, lively timbre with prevalent overtones.

SOFTENED edges will calm the drum a touch without sacrificing sensitivity.

ROUNDED edges produce a fatter, controlled tone.


Beds are carved deep and wide to ensure full wire/head contact for wires up to 40 strand.

The importance of correctly formed snare beds cannot be overstated.

My hand cut beds allow for sensitive snare response at a wide range of tensions without rattle, excessive buzz or choking.


Drums are recommended to be unvented for the players who require a sensitive drum with maximum feedback.

Heavier styles of playing may demand the installation of a vent, made from either metal or a complimentary wood species.





We work with a variety of different hardware manufacturers to achieve the most aesthetically please and functional designs possible.

COUNTER HOOPS: Zinc alloy die cast, COB triple flanged or COB single flanged hoops with claws.

HEADS: Our preference is Remo but we can fit your drum with whatever you choose. We’ll also advise what might be best suited to the drum if you need.

WASHERS/GASKETS: Hand cut leather washers/gaskets on all tension rods, metal vents, badge and strainer mechanisms.

SNARE DRUMS: We generally choose to fit our snare drums with Trick GS007, Dunnett or Nickelworks strainers. For wires we use Gibraltar Stainless plate or Pearl Ultrasound.

BASS DRUMS: Spur types are subject to kit style/playing style. Hoops are constructed from either beech, birch, maple or walnut; with or without inlays. Die cast tension claws.

FLOOR TOMS: Available drilled for legs or supplied with clip on/floating systems.



 walnut vent



EXOTIC WOOD VENEERS The decorative outer plys are an integral part of the shell construction process itself and not simply applied as a finish.

Whether you prefer a classy, understated look such as the naturally red Bloodwood; the almost 3D golden shimmer of Quilted Maple or the boiling burl of Carpathian Elm, I can source the wood for your particular taste.

Colour fades and bursts are then applied if desired. I seal in the wood’s natural beauty with a choice of satin or gloss lacquers, a traditional french polish or a simple oil and wax for a subtle sheen.

SPECIALITY LACQUERS I love a sparkle! All primary colour and classic gold and silver sparkles are available. Solid colours, candys, bursts and metallics are also possible.

Check out the GALLERY for inspiration!

sycamore polished